Don't Blame Me, it was 2020...

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Allow me to take a moment to both welcome and congratulate you: welcome to One Nation Under God, and congratulations! Why the congratulations, you wonder. Well, it's simple really- you have survived 2020 long enough to make it here.

We've all seen the posts, comments and memes on how horrible 2020 has been to us. After all, 2020 brought us the Great Toilet Paper Shortage, quarantine, nationwide homeschooling, virtual classrooms, the self-taught barber, strange seeds from China, and the death of Mr. Peanut. 2020 brought Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to the U.S., and this was also the year that forever changed many workplace relationships through botched Zoom meetings. Some now shudder at the mention of Zoom, as they're taken back to a memory of their coworker who forgot about that unforgiving camera being on. That is, we hope it was because they forgot.

The world watched and mourned as many tragedies and losses played out before it in 2020. From the Beirut explosion, U.S. and Australian wildfires, to the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; and celebrities such as Kobe Bryant (alongside his daughter Gianna Bryant), Sean Connery, Alex Trebec, Chadwick Boseman, Eddie Van Halen, Herman Cain, and many more.

COVID-19 seemed to have shut the world down, nearly halting international transportation. Many businesses were crippled due to nationwide lockdowns, social distancing measures, and restrictions put in place in an effort to enforce social distancing. To many, it was a virus being politicized in an effort to sway the upcoming vote away from President Donald Trump; to others, it was evidence of President Trump's failures.

Forgive me if there are any other major events that I have left out; I'm certain there are some. The presidential election and impending "blue wave" many polls and media outlets wrongly predicted, for example. But the purpose of One Nation Under God is not to recap all the events of 2020. One Nation was conceived out of what I considered to be a necessity; this necessity was created by a cumulation of events over the last few years. Truthfully, it has been going on much longer than that.

Political matters have always been a hot topic. Political matters in 2020- that's a completely different animal altogether. The idea of writing about political matters is not new, obviously. Any internet search will demonstrate this as thousands of politically motivated websites emerge. The idea, nonetheless, came to me- as I mentioned above- out of necessity; another tragedy of 2020.

My hope is that readers from all walks of life and political affiliations will find it entertaining and useful. For me, this began as a way of collecting my thoughts and sharing them with others. In the era of "fake news" and what can, at times, be viewed as an obviously biased media, it's difficult to get an accurate picture of what's happening within our country. Discussions and debates continue to take place, to no avail, and they seem to be littered with these half-truths and manipulated words.

Not only have words been twisted and manipulated by politicians, reporters and the average citizen, but we have also learned how social media and search engines, such as Google, manipulate us as well. At a time when so much information is readily accessible, it appears as though many people are uniformed and misled more than ever.

It's no wonder that this country is so divided when it becomes such common place to say hateful and often untrue things in a social media post that spreads to millions. When we learn that internet search results very from one region of the U.S. to the next, it leads us to question more; to wonder what other ways we are being manipulated.

What this did, however, is drive me to seek out the answers on my own; the "necessity" I mentioned above. I care about this great country. I want to stay informed on current events. I want to know that I'm making the right choices at the ballot box. I want to help educate others and see if we can't slow the spread of misinformation.

My political views and opinions have no place here. I will do my best to leave opinions out of this discussion with you. No matter what, I want to find the facts; it's not about making my candidate look better than someone else's. Just as I'm bound to make mistakes here, with you all, our political figures will make mistakes as well. It is, or at least should be, impossible to agree with an elected official 100% of the time; if anyone does, I tend to question their motive.

And just as we should hold our elected officials accountable when they make a mistake, I ask that you hold me accountable if I make any as well. Please, let me know if I insert too many opinions and ignore facts. I want this to be a place where we can come together for discussion and uncover an unbiased truth.

We are in this together. This one nation under God is OUR nation; it is up to us to take care of her. Lately, it seems as though this one nation has been split. The rhetoric, violence, destruction, and misinformation is growing at a staggering rate.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and I appreciate any feedback or suggestions that you may have. I'm just one concerned citizen looking to engage other concerned citizens such as yourselves. And don't worry- I'm not full of conspiracy theories. Try not to take my 2020 comments too seriously. Though it has been a difficult year, I'm not one to buy into superstitions.

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