Is CNN a Propaganda Network?

Seeming to confirm what former President Donald Trump and many of his supports have alleged throughout his presidency, a CNN staffer claims that the left-leaning network “created stories” aimed at removing Trump from office.

CNN network technical director Charles Chester spoke freely with an undercover journalist about techniques CNN utilized, including how they brought in “so many medical people” to tell its viewers that Trump was “neurologically damaged,” even though ”it was all speculation.” Chester further admitted that “we were creating a story that we didn’t know anything about.”

Chester even detailed how the network attempted to paint President Joe Biden in a positive light, by frequently showing pictures of him jogging. According to Chester, it was meant to make Biden appear healthy; it was meant to “paint him as a young geriatric.”

Chester claimed that CNN will next focus on climate change, saying “fear sells.”

This news was brought about through Project Veritas, a right-wing news outlet, through a three-part #ExposeCNN campaign.

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