Minneapolis National Guard Activated

The Minneapolis National Guard has been activated after rioting erupted late Sunday. The riots are the result of another officer involved shooting.

Not much is known at this time, but what do know is that officers initiated a traffic stop around 2:00 PM Sunday afternoon. An altercation between the driver and officers ensued after it was determined that the driver had an outstanding warrant.

The driver was able to get back into the car and drive off; as he was driving off, an officer fired, striking the driver who passed away. UPDATE:

Video of the incident has been released. Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon also gave a statement in which he stated that the officer (whose name has not yet been released) intended to go for his taser, not his firearm.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating and they will be releasing the names of all involved.

Tension in the area is already high due to the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin. A city on the edge may soon reach its tipping point as we continue to learn more about the officer involved shooting and await the outcome of the Chauvin trial.

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